About Us

Ray Hannon and Dann Gavaletz

Ray and Dann thought up the idea of driving adventurous beer lovers to local Hudson Valley breweries in the fall of 2014. As the craft beer world has grown, the number of breweries in the area has increased even though the distance between them reduces. Getting to these breweries safely is always a challenge and Hudson Valley Craft Beer Tours is dedicated to getting you there. These tours are not intended to get you drunk, but rather to enjoy some samples at three different breweries and learn more about the surrounding areas, the breweries, and see some local scenery.

Dann Gavaletz is an avid beer connoisseur whose passion was spawned when his wife presented him with a home beer making kit in 2004. Since then, Dann has brewed over 250 batches of beer at home and has won numerous awards at beer competitions throughout the US. Recently, Dann has become a certified beer judge through the BJCP (bjcp.org). As a friend of many of the Hudson Valley brewers, Dann’s connections and knowledge of beer will shine throughout the tour.

Ray Hannon is a huge fan of the craft brew industry and knows a lot about all the different beers that breweries have to offer, local and in other states as well. Ray grew up in the Hudson Valley area and always love the history it has to offer including stories about the first brewery that was right here in Poughkeepsie NY. He has a great sense of humor and loves talking to people just about anything, especially BEER! He knows all the brewers at each local brewery including some interesting facts about each place. Ray has his CDL and passenger endorsement license. Having a safe driving record, your sure to be in good hands while upon the bus tour. He hopes you will enjoy seeing all the breweries as much as he and Dan have been for many years! "Slainte"